Online Relationships &Changing Face of society

Communication has taken a great leap by revolutionizing through mobile phones and internet system. Our world is now a much more integrated global system where we can reach out to anyone from any parts of the world at any time. This global integration has made our world a small village and thus the dream of dating someone from the other parts of the world has now become a reality.  Online dating has now become a trend of finding new love. Many people have now signed up for online dating apps and sites to find their better half as it is more convenient for them and also it offers them a wider range of choice from where they can meet people with the same interest as theirs. Digitalization has enabled many young and not so young to find the partner that they have always longed for.  Online relationship is no different than real life relationship as both seek mutual interest and it also may involve an equal level of emotional attachment. Online relationship is more like a long-dis

Keeping Quiet Makes Domestic Violence Even Worse

Domestic violence is perpetrated by cowards on the weaker members of the family. It can take a variety of forms such as one person trying to control another and subdue him or her, physical abuse, sexual abuse, isolation, verbal abuse and economic abuse. The victim may suffer more than one form of domestic violence and continue to suffer in silence while other family members and society looks on, knowing but not doing anything about it. This perpetuates domestic violence. A lot takes place in the name of Family honor.  Only the female members of the family – sisters, mothers, daughters and daughter in laws are sacrificed at the altar of honour.  Typically, if a wife is the victim she will choose to bear all that is heaped on her. She may take physical abuse, have her movements curtailed, hear slurs and be controlled but she will not oppose it or take any legal action. It will bring shame to her and to her family so those who heap abuses on her continue to do so. It goes on.